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Hiring Manager vs. Recruiter: Exploring the Differences

Hiring Manager vs. Recruiter_ Exploring the Differences
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The roles of a hiring manager vs. a recruiter are often confusing in human resources. From the outside, it may seem that both parties have the same goal of bringing the right talent into an organization. However, recruiting and hiring are two distinct processes with different objectives and tasks. This article will explore the differences between a hiring manager and a recruiter and the importance of understanding each role. 

When it comes to the job search process, it’s essential to understand the difference between a hiring manager and a recruiter. Both professionals are essential to the hiring process, but they have distinct roles and responsibilities.

Hiring Manager vs. Recruiter: Introduction

A hiring manager is a designated in-house person who will ultimately decide who to hire for the position. They’re responsible for hiring the right person for the job. They are also the ones who will determine the salary and other aspects of the job offer. The hiring manager is typically the one who will interview potential candidates, as well as make the final call on who to hire.

A recruiter, on the other hand, is the person who is responsible for finding and screening potential candidates. A recruiter can be either in-house or outsourced. Generally, a recruiter will be the first point of contact for a job seeker. They will often post job openings on job boards, review resumes and applications, and conduct initial phone screens with candidates. The recruiter will then present a shortlist of qualified candidates to the hiring manager, who will then decide who to interview and ultimately hire.

Difference Between a Hiring Manager and a Recruiter 

The biggest difference between a hiring manager and a recruiter is that the hiring manager is responsible for selecting the right person for the job, while the recruiter is responsible for finding and attracting the right candidate. The hiring manager is the one who has the final say in the hiring process, whereas the recruiter is the one who works to ensure the hiring of the right candidates. 

Another key difference is that the hiring manager focuses on the internal hiring process, while the recruiter focuses on the external recruitment process. The hiring manager is responsible for managing the internal process and ensuring that they have followed all the steps, whereas the recruiter is responsible for finding the right candidates and getting them interested in the position. 


The roles of a hiring manager vs. a recruiter are distinct and complementary. It is important to understand the differences between the two roles and the importance of each in the hiring process. Both roles are essential for any successful hiring process, and understanding the differences between them can help ensure that the right person is hired for the job.

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